The original Battlefront 2’s multiplayer has been officially restored – Free Download

star wars battlefront 2 multiplayer restored

EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront series, lavish and gorgeous as it is, still stands in the shadow of the original games bearing the name. That’s partly nostalgia talking, but it’s also true that original-style Battlefront is quite good. Now, multiplayer features for Battlefront II are back in business.

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The restored multiplayer apparently comes from a partnership between Disney and GOG. Not only is multiplayer live again, but it’s live across both Steam and GOG Galaxy clients with players on each service having access to each other’s games. This is the first time the game’s had official online features since GameSpy shut down in 2014.

Battlefront II hasn’t been truly dead all this time, of course. The game has continued to be in circulation through digital distribution, and fans have been modding in access to unofficial servers with just a little hassle. Still, the difference between “little” hassle and “zero” hassle is a significant one.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to player counts over the next few days, whether players are digging the game out from their dusty ol’ digital libraries or taking advantage of GOG’s current sale on all things Disney-related. Oh, and that other  Battlefront II is likely whetting people’s appetites for some multiplayer Star Wars action.

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