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Pro Cycling Manager 2017

Hello all,

We’ve just released a new beta patch fixes problems with the latest AMD drivers, as well as addressing a variety of other issues with the game.

If you followed our guide on how to revert your drivers, you may now re-enable the AMD driver auto-updates, as the issue this caused has been fixed.

Patch notes:

Driver Issues:

  • Provided a fix for AMD driver crash, in support of an AMD driver update.
  • Fixed a random crash that would occur on La Vuelta


  • Fixed drafting too high during sprints.
  • Fixed a bug that made it too easy to escape when Free Effort was set on big effort
  • Fixed downhill issues where it was impossible to escape
  • Added World Championship as an objective

User Interace

  • Added a refresh button to the Teammate Objectives menu
  • New Race days filter added to the preparation page.
  • The in-race “Custom Selection” filter has been removed.
  • AI observations will now be displayed as tooltips.
  • Fixed custom time gaps showing a white sprite.
  • Fixed the indirect order panel UI so that it is always visible above the rest of the HUD. Will no longer go out of the screen bounds.


  • Removed the option to select the first rider in a race.


  • The game will now check if you use or have submitted a custom database, and will warn you that if it is incomplete or corrupted, that it might cause in-game issues.

Save System

  • Added a failsafe folder in AppData, in the case that “My Documents” cannot be found.
  • Added error messages for when the game fails to create or retrieve files from AppDate or My Documents folders.

Thank you,

The Pro Cycling Manager team

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